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Design, Host, and Maintain Your Town Website All in One Place

Have you found that the website of your local administration hasn’t been meeting your needs? Perhaps your local offices are simply absent online?

If you require web design services to properly represent your town online, we are here to help. Small Town Websites specializes in providing communities with website design. Additionally, we also provide website hosting services, search engine optimization, town social media management, and ongoing monthly support.

Represent your community online with Small Town Websites.

Design, Host, and Maintain Your Town Website All in One Place

A beautiful, intuitively designed website is invaluable to a small town for many reasons; they allow for easy communication when people or organizations are looking to contact town administration, raise awareness of the local government's service to the community, and serve as the center of keeping both town residents and visitors up to date on the latest local news and any upcoming town-sponsored events.

People visiting a town’s website are certain to come from all walks of life to learn more about the local history and geography, stay informed on current news and upcoming events, or even just to pay their residential utility bills. With such a varied user base, the design of the site should have every user’s experience at heart.

A Website For Your Town- Fully Equipped

Many reasons may bring visitors to your town’s website; to address these reasons, a variety of features can be built into the site itself. Here are some great features that you will commonly find included in a small town website.

  • An active news feed that is connected to your town’s social media accounts that will display every new post made, conveniently keeping your website up to date on the latest news and spreading the word about upcoming events
  • Full management of your town’s social media accounts, creating a connected, active online presence
  • Interactive maps of your town that allows users to explore the local area and learn more about landmarks and favorite local spots
  • Online payment system for residents to pay their utility bills to the local water and electrical companies
  • A responsive design that accounts for the website’s design across all platforms- desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so that your town will be easily found and discovered by potential site visitors, increasing site traffic

By having all of these resources available to those visiting your site, you are providing a service to your community, but more importantly, you are sending a message that shows your town administration is here to help and operates with the community at heart.

A Website For Your Town- Fully Equipped

Step One: Contact Us To Get Started

Reach out to us by email or give us a call and start by telling us which of our services you are interested in. We will then ask you some preliminary questions to understand why you are choosing to create a website for your town and what you would like your website to accomplish.

Next, we will need to learn more about your town: Where are you located? What do the locals love about their home? What makes your town unique?

Step Two: Outlining The Website Design

We will make recommendations for common inclusions on small-town websites (interactive maps, historical information, online utility payment, etc.) to begin our design process. You will be sharing your vision for your town’s online presence with us.

If your town already has a website, we will review the design and provide you with feedback. Some features already present on an existing site may need an overhaul, while others may be entirely absent.

Step Three: Starting The Design Process

Inspiration is paramount to a beautiful website design. As such, we will present you with website templates, color palettes, and some of our previous website designs to formulate a website style that is befitting of your vision for your town’s website.

We will have you share files of your town and the seals of various city departments, photographs of your town, events, gatherings, and any images you believe represent your community. Lastly, you may share all of the information you will require your website to display.

If you have any features you would like included or design inspirations you would like to contribute or see integrated into the website design, have you share these and take note of them to keep in mind during our design process.

Step Four: Providing Us With Feedback

We will be hard at work creating your website. While we are doing so, we will keep you updated on our progress, presenting you with design iterations so you can let us know what you think.

We will use your feedback to make the revisions you require. Our process will ensure a website that suits the needs of both town administration, citizens, and all other users visiting your town’s website.

Step Five: Publishing The Website

We publish your new website! We offer monthly servicing for your website and management of your town’s social media accounts from this point forward.

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