About Us: Local Government Website Design

Who Are We?

At the heart of governance, there is the need for local governments to be accessible to the people they serve. This is why user-friendly municipal websites are crucial. From applying for business licenses to adopting pets, these sites are the primary source of interaction for citizens and their government. By that measure, Small Town Websites is here to help improve the relationships between local governments and their citizens with quality local government web design and development.

We understand the need for premium and functional websites, especially in small towns. That’s why our digital agency offers a good blend of innovativeness and simplicity to create easy-to-use and attractive websites for your community.

Because different towns have different needs, you can trust us to create customized websites to meet the needs of the public. Our ten years of experience in the web design industry has made us a certified go-to digital agency for a wide range of local governments.

What We Do

Web Development for Local Governments

In this age of interconnectivity, web development for municipalities is on the rise. Local governments are putting their best efforts into maximizing the quality of their online presence with their residents. For best results, outsource your web development to us to boost online interaction with your citizens. We develop and manage your website so you can focus on other important aspects of local governance.

Municipal Web Designs

There’s more to web design than meets the eye. You need not only a stunning website but also one that makes it easy for you to convey your messages and for people to navigate through sections. We can create unique mobile-friendly web designs that drive more engagement from your citizens.

Web Support and Maintenance

Having your municipality site up and running isn’t enough. Regular updates and maintenance are crucial to ensure it operates at full capacity. We have a proven solution for proper maintenance and support of your existing government website. Whether your website is down or you need new information added, our web experts can help.

Our Mission

We want you to serve your community better. Our mission is to create value for our municipalities by creating professional, stunning, and practical websites that your small community can be proud of and interact with. Our team ensures to seek your local government’s input and approval at each web development and design process.

As a trusted and reputable digital agency for small towns, we ensure that your sites are ADA 508 compliant and easier for all your residents to use.

Get in Touch with Us

For all our inquiries, please get in touch with our expert support team:

  • Call: ‪(208) 820-8448
  • Email: info@smalltownsite.com
  • Engage us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Get Fast and Responsive Municipality Websites

Want to boost online interaction with your residents?

Look no further than Small Towns Websites for the best municipal websites. Whether you’re a town of only 500 or more than 10,000, we offer quality web development, design, and maintenance to keep online all year round.