We Build User-Friendly and Responsive Municipal Websites

Showcase your community and engage your citizens with an optimized website specifically built for your local town.

Create Your Local Government Website With Us

Are you tired of your town being represented by a cookie-cutter-free website template or a Facebook page? Do you have a website that you feel is outdated? Or, does your municipality have zero online presence? Worry not –– Small Town Websites can help.

We understand your need to be a trusted and transparent leader. But it is hard to do that when your website lacks the necessary tools to engage and serve citizens.

With the public increasingly being tech-savvy, your municipality’s digital solutions shouldn’t hold them back. Small Town Websites makes it easy to engage with residents, provide up-to-date information, and foster a more involved community.

In today’s technology-centered world, your website is your town’s first introduction to the world. As such, it must capture people’s attention instantly. It needs to be efficient, innovative, and align with your administrative goals and vision. This is where we come in.

We design and develop optimized websites for small towns, counties, and villages across the country. Our goal is to make your municipal website work for your small town and provide an extremely valuable resource for the community. We help create credibility for your town, which can lead to more people moving into the area and opening up businesses.

Small Town Websites works with all kinds of municipalities and can handle a variety of projects, including but not limited to:

  • Municipal web development
  • Chamber of commerce websites
  • City website design
  • Town library portals
  • Local police websites

Why Does Your Town/Local Government Need a Website?

A well-designed website can be a great investment for small towns to improve efficiency, resident satisfaction and provide free advertising for the local government.

Make Information Easy to Find

A website loaded with useful information about meeting minutes, applications, contact information, directions, opening and closing hours, meeting agendas, forms, and more will reduce the number of calls and visits that government offices receive.

Increased Efficiency

When you have an effective municipal website design that keeps information flowing, you reduce the need for long queues at the offices and increase staff efficiency. Better yet, you improve taxpayer satisfaction. A good website built by Small Town Websites will also attract new prospects to your borough.

Enhance Initiatives

Whether you want to incorporate recycling or drive civic engagement regarding citizen experiences and community issues, an optimized local government website is a perfect tool for the job.

Better Connect in Emergencies

Emergencies can strike at any time regardless of your location. Whether it’s raging wildfires in California or a hurricane on the East Coast, your local government website must be ready with critical information to save lives. You can leverage the website to promote calm and direct emergency services personnel to areas that need urgent help.

What We Do

  • Website Design

    If you need a website for your town and don’t know where to start, let Small Town Site handle it for you. Our team will get to work on color schemes, font styles, and structural design concepts for your new site. We’ll also incorporate your logo or seal into the design. We design your website to best deliver your message while maintaining creativity, usability, and visual impact.

  • Website Redesign

    Maybe your old website is not compatible with mobile devices. Maybe it’s not easy to navigate. Or maybe it’s simply outdated. Small Town Site can give it a facelift. We will work with you on establishing a new design that meets the right parameters. Our team will ensure it is optimized and launch it with minimal downtime for the existing website.

  • Website Development

    We develop the code that powers the front-end of your website, optimizing its speed usability and WC3 best practices. Our team also gathers content for your site and organizes it per the web development strategy and schematics. We’ll optimize it for SEO and incorporate features like dining, shopping, and stay listings with geo-mapping, contact forms, area attraction listings, ePay and eCommerce solutions, local business listings with geo-mapping, and more as required.

  • Help and Support

    One of our core goals to design and develop websites that your staff can easily update and maintain. This eliminates the need to rely on costly and time-consuming third parties. To that end, we provide the personalized training you need to maintain your new website. All of the information is easily understandable, and we’re just a call away if you have any questions.

Why Work with Us?

Small Town Websites is the perfect partner when it comes to empowering local governments to meet the unique needs of their citizens. We build websites with dynamic features and benefits, including:

100% Customization

Every website we build is 100% tailored to the unique needs of your residents. We don’t use pre-made templates from the internet.

User-Friendly Designs

From intuitive menus to search functions that make it easy to find information, we design user-friendly websites that drive traffic and engagement.

Room for Growth

We are committed to delivering the best designs for our clients. Our websites are easily scalable and adapt to community growth and technology changes.

Competitive Pricing

Small Town Site designs and builds websites that are extremely affordable and don’t have ongoing development costs. We provide training, allowing our customers to manage their sites with ease.

Responsive Design

We build local government websites that are compatible with every device. We design them to deliver maximum user experience for every device regardless of the screen size and resolution. This limits frustration and encourages users to visit your site frequently.

Easy to Update and Maintain

We understand the budget constraints of small towns. As such, we strive to build websites that are easy to update and maintain. Our guided training ensures that our team can easily and efficiently update the website content.

Ready to Get the Best Municipal Website?

Small Town Websites has the website solutions you need to make your local government website an efficient tool for informing and empowering your citizens. And at a cost that is customized for your budget needs.